The Gold Standard

A fairer way to calculate loan repayments.

Value gold, not money

P2G do not believe value should be placed on money or the method of currency. But rather, money should only be a method to exchange products and services. Gold has been a store of value for nearly 5,000 years. It is universally accepted as a medium for exchange across continents and cultures.

Alternative to interest APRs

Borrowing money without adding interest can sometimes be seen as a disadvantage, with the risk of annual inflation reducing your capital year on year. Pegging the amount borrowed to gold solves this issue. This is because the loan value is based on the amount of gold that can be purchased, and not the amount of money borrowed.

What we offer

The P2G calculator will tell you the amount of gold that could be purchased on the day the loan was borrowed. It then works out the exact monetary amount that should be returned to purchase the same amount of gold. The service is totally free!


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